Celebrity Aerobatic Pilot Julie Clark and Juice Plus Partnership

Aero News Network reported on February 1, 2013 the official partnership of Julie Clark and Juice Plus.  Julie Clark is a celebrity aerobatic pilot who has been using Juice Plus for over 14 years.  The company says that Clark really embodies the Juice Plus+ brand and Live Life to the Plus+.  Julie Clark believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and exercising.

Juice Plus bridges the gap between what we eat and what we should be eating.  It is made from 26 different varieties of fruits and vegetables which helps maintain a healthy immune system and cardiovascular wellness, among the other health benefits.

In November, Captain Julie Clark was presented the Aero Club of Northern California Chrystal Eagle Award at San Carlos Airport.  This award is presented annually to individual whose accomplishments have significantly contributed to the advancement of aviation or space technology. Clark now shares this prestigious honor with luminaries such as General James “Jimmy” Doolittle (the first year recipient in 1983), Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, Wayne Handley, Eileen Collins, and “Bud” Anderson (2011 recipient), to name a few.

To know more about Julie Clark, visit this link www.julieclarkairshows.com



Resource:  Aero News Network

Travelling to France – Paris Metro Review

Paris is known to be the Capital of Fashion and the Capital of Light. A very famous city that most of the people dreamt of going to. But before going to Paris, you have to carefully plan your vacation or you might miss on important cities to visit, food to eat, or even the simplest way of transportation, the Paris Metro.

Paris metro (métro de Paris) is the most common means of transportation in Paris, being the second busiest metro system in Europeafter Moscow. Paris Metro has 16 lines, 380 stations and more than 211km of track.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6168854

How much is your health worth

As I was putting advertisement about my Juice Plus business, one person sent me a message.  She was keen to know what is Juice Plus and what good can it give to her health.  At first I was kinda hesitant to answer her since it’s already midnight here in France and I wanted to get ready for bed.  But I thought, if I answer her and share what Juice Plus is all about, I could save one more life.  So I entertained her questions.

While on the conversation, she said she wants to be healthy and she’s taking multivitamins too.  So she asked me everything, effects, what is it made of, the price etc.  Then when I told her the price, which is fair enough because it’s real food, she started to tell me how much she spent for her braces, which shocked me big time.  I never thought that it would cost 4000 euro!!!  Thinking that she needs to change it every month or so because it was the new version of braces and it was the top of the line.

And at the end of the conversation, I thought to myself, it’s so ironic when people doesn’t want to spend anything for their health but they can buy expensive things that they don’t really need.

Most people would say they want to stay healthy and beautiful but they are not eating the right food.  They just put wonder creams or lotions in their face and body to look young and healthy.  What they don’t know is that most of those creams are chemically made, which may contain harsh ingredients for their skin.

If you really want to be healthy I really suggest that you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.  They contain natural vitamins and antioxidants that is needed for our body to function normally.  Most diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood, heart diseases and even cancer are caused  by poor nutrition. But most people cannot eat their 5-a-day because of their busy lifestyle or because of the high prices, so I would suggest incorporating Juice Plus in your diet.

Juice Plus is a whole based food nutrition from 26 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and berries.  It is the most researched product worldwide.


Key Benefits of Juice Plus

  • Juice Plus helps reduce oxidative stress
  • delivers key phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body
  • helps support a healthy immune system and maintain DNA integrity
  • positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness
  • contributes to skin and gum health


I would leave you with this question:  How much does your health worth?

Is Melatonin Supplements Good for your Health?

As I was sharing photos about Juice Plus and browsing the net for some health articles, I came to the website of Dr. Oz  and the post about melatonin.  I was shocked to know what melatonin can do to someone’s health, taking into consideration that some doctors even prescribed it to children.

Melatonin is an over-the-counter wonder drug for people who wants to go to sleep.  They say that it is natural and non-addictive.

According to Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Michael Breus, a sleep expert, melatonin supplement is not vitamins.  It is a hormone that tells your body it is night and time to sleep.  It can be harmful to your health when taking incorrectly.

I used to have insomnia too but I didn’t take any medication for it.  I’m afraid of the side effects these drugs can give me.

I’m just glad that I can sleep soundly at night now, thanks to Juice Plus.  Juice Plus helps people suffering from insomnia and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).  Actually I have a customer who has an insomnia for years and since taking Juice Plus, he was able to sleep well at night.

Watch the videos below from Dr. Oz’s website.  They are explanation of what melatonin can do to your health:







I’m back from scratch

Finally after almost a month of debugging my blog, looking for what caused the error, I gave up and had to start from scratch.  I did backed up my blog but I can’t find the file, since I had to migrate from one web host to my personal web hosting service.

There are so many things that happened these past weeks and I really want to share it with everybody.  I’ll be re-posting the tutorials I did a few years back, some videos maybe and I’ll be compiling some photos I took the past few years.  Anyway, my photography site is up already even though “under construction” which you can find here www.photos.loremi.info

I’ll be sharing some health tips, quotes, and some good news too, same as before.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.